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Youa Group Core Business Fields F.I.N.E


F . I . N . E .

In 2012, SR company was formed and it quickly became one of the leading companies in IT, FA and Global business making.

As it grew over the years, it became known as Youa Group.


Today, Youa Group has some affiliates and strategic investment partners based on our F.I.N.E strategy

which consists of franchise, IT, new business, education and entertainment business field.


Until 2019, We plan to focus on investing, incubating and M&A for nurturing the talented and bringing successful businesses

in each fields such as IT, AI, distribution, media, medical, real estate, finance etc.

Youa Group provides services and platforms in each part which is franchise, IT, new business, education and entertainment.

Those four kinds of key businesses are divided into each different parts according to their contents and correlations.


Connecting Global Franchises & Source Distribution

Youa GF / Sujianqiji / jiongbaba xioahaixian / zhongqingchuang


IT + Blockchain
Big data + Fintech + Commerce

E-Bizapp / YouaB / YouaCB / Fenghe

New Business

New Business & New Finance

Youa K / S-EMS

Edu. &Enter.

Nurturing Specialists

& Entertainment

Chabis / Youa W



Global Franchise Connected Platform

Youa GF Co,.Ltd.

Established in 2017 in Seoul, Korea.
Investor / Registered director / Korea's exclusive rights at ZQC

Distribution rights in 30 countries

​EMS Training Franchise

Beijing Sujianqiji Co,.Ltd.

Established in 2016 in Beijing, China
Partners : Zhong qing chuang, the key affiliate in Kuaidao

50 branches in China & Ranked 1st in wireless EMS industry

China Franchise Distribution Platform

Zhong Qing Chuang Co,.Ltd.

Established in 2015 in Beijing, China

Key affiliate partner of Kuaidao, the biggest franchise in China
- Branches : Chongqing, Xi'an, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Taiwan, Japan,                  Malaysia
- Contractor for foreign products and brands in Kuaidao
  <165 brands, 320,000 Franchises>

Youa GF - Investor / Registered Director / Korea's exclusive rights


Software SI, IOT, O2O, Ai Development

E-biz&app Co,.Ltd

Established in 2010 in Seoul, Korea and invested in 2015
LG Electron Primary Partner<Top of the Evaluation Ranking in 2017>

Client : LG, LG CNS, Google, Qualcomm, Kakao Talk, Hyundai Motors,

          SK, 365MC, CJ

5 Core Patents Technologies available
<No.1 Patent Technology in the World.>

Global Medical Tourism Platform 

Beijing Fenghe Tech Co., Ltd.

New Business

Global Tourism Connected Platform

Youa K Co. - ShanxianVIP

Established in Gangnam, Korea in 2018

Provide same day delivery service for Chinese tourists

Partners : Tencent, Weizhong

EMS product / Global distribution

S-EMS Global Co., Ltd.

Established ​in Hong Kong in 2017

Monopoly distribution "Miracle EMS" in China, Hong Kong, Japan
S-EMS product and R&D
In 2018, we'll have worldwide sales with "Miracle EMS" and "S-EMS"

Partners : Miracle EMS 

Education & Entertainment

Business Media Platform


At Chabis Angel Academy, we train international students to become professional managers.

Global Entertainment Connected Platform

Youa W

Nurturing management specialists and global influencers.

Global IP contents making and distribution with the influencers.

Youa Group Global Network

Gorden Cross Members Invest Group 

Youa K / Fenghe Beijing / Hexin Beijing / 速健奇迹

Zizoli Beijing / Chabis / S-EMS HK /  Youa B 

Youa Group HK

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