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Chinese Franchise ZQC(中轻创) Establishes Korean Partner,YOUA GF

Opening ceremony for YOUA GF, the exclusive contractor of ZQC(中轻创) who has opened 32 million franchise stores, was held.

YOUA GF aims to be a global franchise-connected platform and provides connected consulting and management services in 30 countries for Korean franchise businesses. In particular, YOUA GF is specialized in the Chinese market and provides consulting services for Korean franchises in terms of entering Chinese market and overall operations in China. Furthermore, YOUA GF utilizes KUAIDAO's franchise quick solution for successful localization during franchise launch and stabilization phase in China.

At the Franchise Global Advancement Meeting, YOUA GF stated that through cooperation with ZQC(中轻创), they will provide franchise platform and marketing infrastructure, and help Korean franchise companies advance into Chinese market and global market through partnership with specialized companies. They also stated that they will promote FINE strategy (Franchise distribution, IT, New business, Education) and will put their best efforts to be the world's largest franchise platform.

Through this agreement, YOUA GF will cooperate with Cocov Platform Holdings and Glosfer to establish the foothold for Korean content IP and Korean franchise business into China market. Based on the rich experience and marketing ability of China YOUA GROUP, the agreement has established a bilateral cooperation system for fostering global franchise brands and advancing into the global market.

The agreement states that YOUA GF provides platform and infrastructure in China for Korean content IP and franchise business through YOUA GROUP and ZQC,(中轻创), Cocov Platform HoldiangsHoldings plans to build a domestic platform for entertainment, content IP and franchise business to support Chinese and global companies' entry into Korea and Glosfer is committed to supporting overall block chain technology and solutions.

YOUA GROUP started as SMARTRISM (丰禾) in 2015 and developed rapidly in only 3 years. It is a franchise and IT company with partners in various countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, and Japan. It is a 'Global Business Making' company active in various fields such as new technology, entertainment, medical care, AI, and ICO. Furthermore, YOUA GROUP runs the "Chabis (Business Media Platform)" which trains international students as professional managers and engages in incubation for business start-ups, and cooperates with ZQC(中轻创) in various business fields. YOUA GF is a company with more than 30 subsidiaries in China, specializing in food, health and beauty. Franchise business boasts the largest size in China as well as in the whole world.

Also, ZQC(中轻创) is a joint venture with China Overseas - Educated Scholars Development Foundation under Chinese government’s United Front Department, which is the first Chinese franchise government corporation that specializes in consulting government joint-venture brands, global franchise, celebrity joint-venture brands. Furthermore, it has exclusive rights to all foreign franchise dealers who want to advance into China through Kuaidao Group and foreign products to be supplied to the franchise stores. In addition, YOUA GF is planning to outsource various Korean products utilizing ZQC’s(中轻创)’s exclusive rights, and aiming for more than 100 billion won of sales in 2018.

In the future, with the founding of YOUA GF Korea, it is expected that the company will gain momentum in the advancement of the Korean franchise into global markets by utilizing its rich experience and marketing infrastructure.