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Creation of a New Trend – Franchise Platform YOA Project! Will Starbucks be interested joining?

What will happen if famous brands such as Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's, and Gong Cha issue tokens?

YOA Project will establish a new virtual currency ecosystem!

YOA Project was built by virtual currency and the business competencies of “Global Franchise Connected Platform”, developed by YOUA GF that has more than 500 thousand franchise network partnerships and more than 300 brands in 30 countries. It is built to realize the task of “pre-paid card token issue”, which will help the franchise raise funds for going into a global market and activate the payment service using the virtual currency. It has developed the outstanding YOA Blockchain technology that can process up to 3.6 million transactions per hour. It is preparing for a global ICO in earnest.

Pre-paid type token that YOA Project aims to establish

Many countries including China have “the pre-paid card culture” that is sold by online and off-line companies in the form of a gift card or a pre-paid card.

The YOA Project focuses on developing a win-win ITO service model, which can generate profits for franchisees and consumers at the same time, by applying the token concept and the blockchain technology to the existing culture.

A pre-paid card is a way that a franchise can raise funds and create early revenue. For example, Starbucks may sell a pre-paid card worth $120 at $100 to a customer. The customer can use it online or off-line and Starbucks generates revenue from the pre-paid card. The generated capital can be invested directly into management of stores or franchise stores. Alternatively, it can be used to launch new products that can generate more profits.

The project applies tokens to the concept of pre-paid cards. The YOA Project verifies the fundraising process, which is required to go into the global market, and the ITO for an individual business. Unlike other ITOs, it issues token-type pre-paid cards, which can be used in affiliated stores, and customers use the tokens in transactions and purchases. It is possible to realize revenue by using the issued tokens.

An affiliated store or an issuer can realize profits by issuing tokens to receive revenue in advance. Previously, an investor or a consumer did not purchase a pre-paid card because it was not easy to use the remaining amount left on the card. However, in this program, an investor or a consumer can trade or change the form of the currency on the card at any time. Therefore, some may want to invest in the tokens and realize a profit by holding onto them for a long time. Even if the value of the token goes down, one can purchase something or recover the value in the re-sale market, which is very popular these days. In short, its value cannot be zero, unlike some other virtual currencies.

The most critical question of the virtual currency economy is “Can crypto currency be used in actual commercial transactions, beyond the means of exchange of goods and services?”

YOUA GF, a core partner of the YOA Project, prepares and supports a global franchise connected platform, which is a solution that can launch and run a franchise in 30 countries including China, at the same time. Moreover, it helps its members secure funds by issuing pre-paid card type tokens, that would be a new process, and establish an ITO platform system that would satisfy the new paradigm. Based on the new method, it aims to activate the use of the pre-paid card type ITOs in affiliated small businesses, online and offline shops, in order to revitalize the declining local economy.

YOA Coin’s goal is to develop the pre-paid card type tokens for franchise stores to an advanced platform that has a payment system allowing customers and merchants to purchase and sell in online and offline environments.

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