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"We aim to be a global platform for franchisees and small and medium businesses", YOA PROJECT

YOA PROEJCT, which pursues an offline global platform, is using block chains technology to present vision to franchisees and small business owners.

Franchise Operators can apply for token issuance based on YOA PROJECT platform, furthermore, through the application of YOA PAY at franchise’s retailers and distributors, connect them with the global e-payment system.

YOA PROJECT ensures the fulfillment of service through the smart contract feature, the participating franchisees of YOA PROJECT can pursuit expandability of their business through converting their tokens into YOA PAY which allows it to be used all around the world.

Customers who have invested in franchise tokens through the YOA platform were introduced the concept of pre-paid tokens to guarantee their asset value, and ensured availability by allowing the prepaid tokens to be encashed through the YOA exchange, or to be converted into YOA PAY.

Franchisees can utilize the prepaid token, and the customers can earn benefits through the transaction utilizing the prepaid token.

Franchise can earn profit in advance through the issuance of prepaid token, on the other hand, the customers can purchase the products using prepaid token or realize benefit through its holding value as an asset.

YOA PROEJCT pursuits the concept of reverse ICO which allows the digital asset to be used both on and offline, real economy franchise business.

Furthermore, in order to integrate finance with crypto currency, YOA Project will establish insurance, guarantee insurance, card, VAN company and internet bank.

YOUA GROUP presents the business possibilities of crypto currency and global franchise platform through YOA PROJECT with 30 countries, more than 300 brands, and over 500,000 franchise network partnerships.

Charles Chan, CEO of YOUA GROUP HK stated that by the development of its block chain technology, the preparation for reverse ICO has completed. He also stated that private sale and institutional investment made in May was successful.

YOA PROJECT’s detailed information was further explained at the “Crypto Forum 2018” (one of the largest Crypto currency Forum in the world) which was held in May 25th at Seoul Hotel Le Meridien.

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