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YOA PAY SYSTEM signs agreement with cosmetic surgery clinic

Global Platform Holdings Group YOUA GROUP HK signed an agreement with Varom Clinic and Unique cosmetic surgery clinic as the first step of providing its payment system into global medical market. The YOA PAY SYSTEM based on the real economy, aims to conduct new market of capital procurement through prepaid token ITO (Initial Token Offering) and FINE strategy with the assurance of minimum safe value.

Currently, project is a proceeding with integration of YOUA GF Group's "Global Franchise Connected Platform", which has more than 300,000 franchise network partnerships, and the business ability to virtual currency.

This agreement with Varom Clinic and Unique cosmetic surgery clinic will enable YOA PAY to attract customers and use them as a means of payment by actively utilizing virtual currencies instead of national currencies in the field of global medical tourism. Furthermore, the agreement proposes the model which clinics will issue their tokens, customers will purchase pre-paid tokens in advance for the procedure, and the customers will receive benefits from the various promotions. Emergence of such system will bring changes to the fields of medical and medical tourism.

In addition to cosmetic beauty, Korea is well-known as one of the most advanced countries in the medical field. Many foreigners are visiting Korea for their treatment, but they are faced with many difficulties due to payment problems. However through the agreement it will provide simplicity and safety to transaction.

Through the above agreement YOA PROJECT allows the customers to receive information about medical clinics verified by YOA PROJECT, and to receive accurate treatment based on the delivery of accurate information in the medical field (major field of YOA PROJECT’S New business strategy). Furthermore, for the clinics the YOA PROJECT allows them capital procurement through the prepaid token system.

The Varom Clinic and Unique cosmetic surgery clinic maintained the first grade of customer satisfaction for the third consecutive year by continuous research of the experts with the best ability and sense based on various experiences, accurate system and monitoring. Therefore, since YOA PROJECT is a block chain based franchise Coin platform, allied clinics are expected to be supported by more companies and consumers in the future.

The YOA project started the official ICO schedule by participating in the "Crypto Forum 2018" hosted by the Korea M & A Association and supported by SBS and CNBS on the May 24th. Furthermore YOA PROJECT finished with its Pre-ICO as a public by the end of May, and plans to be listed on exchanges in July.

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