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YOUA GROUP & YOUA GF in China Enters Sri Lanka Airline Business

YOUA GROUP, a global holding platform company, announced that its subsidiary company YOUA GF has concluded an investment contract with a Sri Lanka airline, Srikon Airline on April 5th. The airline will sequentially operate flights to Thailand, Dubai, China and Korea starting October.

On April 5, 2018, YOUA GROUP has discussed the cooperation of Sri Lanka's government to support the normalization of Srikon Airline with the nation’s Transport Minister, Nimal Siripala De Silva (MP) in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, through the investment made in April, they will begin operating flights from Colombo to Bangkok in October; expand to flights from Colombo to Incheon in December.

South Korea and Sri Lanka have sketched a big picture of the new South Asia policy through last year 's summit between President Moon Jae - in and President Sirisena.

At the presidential summit with President Sirisena, President Moon Jae-in said, "The key to the new Southern Region policy is to establish a relationship with South Asian countries including Sri Lanka.”He also stated that "In order for people in Sri Lanka and the Republic of Korea, as well as all the people of Asia to live happily and freely, I hope to gather strength and wisdom with President Sirisena".

YOUA GROUP for the integration with its global franchise platform business and traveling platform, Shanxian (Shopping mall specialized in same day product delivery utilizing Tencent’s big data), will place 4 Airbus 320 at Srikon Airline before 2019 March and operate flights to Thailand, Korea, China and Dubai from Colombo. Furthermore, YOUA GROUP through the cooperation with US Sequioa Capital and Chinese government’s China Overseas - Educated Scholars Development Foundation, will support the YOUA airline business department to become the major airline of South West Asia.

YOUA GROUP’s CFO Geoffrey Leung, former member of the Rothschild group and who consulted Alibaba’s Jack Ma during his NYSE listing, stated that through the experience of acquiring airline business, YOUA GROUP will expand its global platform business capability and pursue the growth of YOUA Airline based on the know-how gained from the experience of attracting US $ 200 million investment by George Hines Air Group, the world's largest light aircraft manufacturer.

Meanwhile, YOUA GROUP is supporting the establishment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee of Sri Lanka and working closely with the Sri Lankan government to contribute to their development.

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